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Sustainability is the progress of an organization by taking economic, social and enviromental dynamics into consideration and taking steps taht will possitively affect economic development, human life and enviromental balance in the interaction of these three dynamics.

With the acceleration of industrialization, consumption of resources and waste production are increasing rapidly. For this reason, the adaptation of recycling in terms of reducing envorimental damage and reducing resource consumption for ecological protection, the use of envorimentally friendly fibers, teh reduction og the amount of pollution that occours and the development of methods to remove the pollution after it has become important day by day. As the Sevimli Textile family, the issue of quality and the envorimental awareness has always been important and priority for us, not only today but since our establishment. We respect and attach importance to education at least as much as we do to natüre in order to raise new generation teams for a sustainable management and life while adopting practices that protect natüre and the environment.